Gabby Miller is an artist from The Bay Area. She has lived and worked out of Vietnam, the birthplace of her mother, and The Bay Area, where she was born and raised. 

Gabby graduated from Reed College with a degree in Anthropology, where she wrote a thesis about experimental art and artists from Hanoi. Much of her organizing work is based in Southeast Asia, with Nha San Collective and The Queer Forever Festival in Hanoi. She has participated in projects and exhibitions in The Republic of Georgia, Korea, Italy, Britain, and Cambodia.

In 2012, she curated Hinterlands at The Luggage Store, in San Francisco, a cross-cultural collaboration between Miller and artists from Hanoi, Vietnam and Shanghai. In Vietnam, she has helped organize at Nha San (the first experimental arts space in Vietnam) and was the country liaison for Global Exchange, a human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world. 

She has co-coordinated international festivals on contemporary performance art, and worked at The Oxbow School, The San Francisco Friends School, and  The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, a music empowerment program for girls ages 8-18. 


Working across disciplines, I am investigating the relationships between imperialism, climate change, local and global displacement. In exploring geopolitical history, the movement of goods, people and power across ocean lines, I am investigating the violence and power embedded in the logistics of trade and my own bloodlines. 

I have a longstanding obsession with crossing The Pacific Ocean, with a specific interest in how the rise of containerization is intimately linked to the escalation of The Vietnam War. It is argued that the supply needs for The War ushered in the era of the containership, and the unprecedented mass movement of goods through global supply chains, and the accelerated use of fossil fuels. 

I take an open ended, meditative approach to art making, shifting between process oriented solitary work and collaboration.