This is an open-ended project exploring how to use meditative practice to address ecological disaster. Employing the Buddhist tradition of copying sacred text, I hand drew the projected the sea level rise in Oakland, panel by panel.  The first iteration was made as part of "Turquoise Wake" residency. 

Copying The Sea (Oakland, 2050)

Copying the Sea (Oakland, 2050)  The projected sea level rise in Oakland is 4.5 Feet by 2050, with a 35% chance of a climate induced storm surge, hurricane Sandy-style anytime between now and 2030. The most at-risk areas are the flatlands of East and West Oakland . Working on building a connection to the rising sea and the ultra-violence of the housing crisis here and unregulated markets globally.

Copying The Sea (Projected Sea Level Rise in West Oakland. 4.5 ft storm surges by 2030. 4.5 ft rise by 2050) Hand painted sheets in blue ink. Trying out silk screens in heavy crude bunker oil. 

Currently working on painting the projected sea-level rise as a mural in Oakland.