Dream of Things That Have Not Been But Someday Will Be 

I continued this project by doing a series of video works called "Imaginary Propaganda" as part of IN:ACT, performance art symposium that I co-organized in Hanoi in 2011. 

Imaginary Progaganda Video Series 


This letterpress print was made in collaboration with my former teacher and mentor Miriam Klein Stahl in commemoration of the November 2nd General Strike in Oakland. We distributed about 1,000 prints during the march down to The Port of Oakland. 

"Dream of Things That Have Never Been But Someday Will Be" is a lyric from a Mekons song. When I was in High School, Miriam had me help her get this lyric printed inside of fortune cookies. The sentence came to my mind again when The General Strike was called. We decided to collaborate on this, with the help of Matt Runkle. 

We continued the project by giving the print to artists and non artists so they could be altered, and put into an exhibition. The center version was made in Vietnam by Nguyen Minh Thanh. 

The Occupy Oakland print was chosen for a 100 print edition by the project Occuprint. We printed the 2012 edition at Arion Press in San Francisco.  The 2011 and 2012 versions of the poster was included in the group exhibition “Occupy Bay Area” Yerba Buena Center for The Arts. San
Francisco, CA.

As part of Occuprint, this print is in the permanent collection of The New York Museum of Modern Art.

Video footage of beloved friend Nhi (1983-2012) singing in front of "Imaginary Propaganda" footage.