The Logistics from Sea to Land (For Giang and Nam)

 “Logistics from Sea to Land (For Giang and Nam)” Section of a salvaged steel, oil paint from Giang's studio. 2011. Dimensions: 7 feet x 4 feet.

In 1967 the U.S. government contracted Sea-Land to begin service from The Port of Oakland to South Vietnam. In November of that year the 685-foot-long ship The Oakland delivered 609 thirty-five foot containers. The ship held as much cargo as could be carried on ten average break bulk ships hauling military freight to Vietnam.

Supplies flowed in, the cargo backlog dissipated. “The port congestion problem was solved,”  the army’s history of 1967 declared triumphantly 

It estimated that 10,000 shipping containers fall into the sea every year.
In these spillages a small number of containers wash ashore.

This piece was originally made for the exhibition "The Future is Now: Asian American On Its Own Terms".